WATCH: Sibling rivalry colours chase scene in Lamborghini Urus

BOLOGNA: Lamborghini has released a video clip of the Urus in a two-minute chase scene that also sought to highlight the supercar maker's Pearl Capsule package.

In the video, a man and a woman are each driving an Urus and trying to outdo each other.

One of the two Urus SUVs - in Verde Mantis green, happens to be equipped with the brand's recently launched Pearl Capsule package.

The Pearl Capsule package gives the Urus a Gloss Black trim which includes the spoiler, rear diffuser and roof.

It also throws in a set of 23-inch black wheels accented with matching body colour. The "blacked-out" leather-clad cabin and seats are also accented in matching body colour, while carbon-fibre and black anodised aluminium now decorate the interior.

The package adds four layers of high-gloss, pearl-effect paint on to the Urus' standard colours of Giallo Inti (yellow), Arancio Borealis (orange), and Verde Mantis (green).

In the video, the race quickly progressed to some dirt roads to showcase the Urus' ability to rough terrain - if needed - with plenty of performance on tap.

Although it may seem that the clip might be about two lovebirds sharing a common interest in driving a super sport SUV fast , the appearance of a grey Urus towards the end clarifies the situation.

In fact, it's their mother who emerges as the driver of the grey Urus to give the clip a heartfelt ending that conveys the message about the importance of family and togetherness. And let's not forget the Pearl Capsule package adds lots of eye candy along the way..


Lamborghini Urus in Verde Mantis


Lamborghini Urus in Arancio Borealis
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