Six of the most exciting new cars making global debut in 2024

BERLIN: The car industry is going through deep change, trying to move into a new world of electric mobility and yet at the same time unable to completely abandon the old.

While engineers and designers groan under the burden of supporting different drive systems, customers benefit: in times like these they have more choice than ever. From more than 100 cars making their premiere in 2024, we present six particularly exciting ones.

Renault R5 E-Tech: An icon returns

The R5 was a bestseller for Renault for several decades and was considered a particularly charming small car. That's why the French are now digging out the original again and making it the model for their next electric car. The R5 E-Tech takes inspiration from the old body shape, but is built on a new platform.

There will initially be two battery options, the larger of which will last for 400km, Renault says. But another key figure for the 3.92-metre-long hatchback is even more important: the price should start at less than €25,000/US$27,400.

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Q6 e-tron: New departure for Audi

When Audi launches the Q6 e-tron as its first self-developed electric car, the German manufacturer will begin an overdue model offensive that will soon include half a dozen new electric vehicles.

The basis for this is a new architecture designed solely for electric models and which operates at 800 volts. In the Q6 it starts in two configurations, each with two engines (295 kW/402 hp or 380 kW/517 hp) and all-wheel drive.

The 100 kWh battery should offer a range of up to 600km. Because charging now flows at up to 270 kW, in the best case scenario ten minutes at the socket will provide enough power to cover 250km.

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MINI: Electric restart

After years of half-hearted model updates and fashionable special series, MINI is launching three new series, two of which will go on sale in 2024: the new Cooper and the next Countryman.

Like the previous three-door model, the Cooper measures just under 3.90 metres and will later also be offered as a five-door model and a convertible. The Countryman grows by around 15 centimetres to 4.43 metres and thus becomes an SUV in the compact class.

Both models retain the typical Mini look on the outside with big bug eyes and chubby cheeks, but they’ve become even more digital on the inside. The classic instruments largely disappear and the display in the centre console has been upgraded to a large round touchscreen.

There are new approaches to the drive system too: BMW has developed its own electric platform for all three series, partly in cooperation with Great Wall Motors from China.

The result is that there will be electric motors of up to 200 kW/272 hp, batteries of up to 64 kWh, and ranges of a maximum of 440km. Mini will also offer the Cooper and Countryman with combustion engines.

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CitroënC3: A very affordable electric

In the spring, Citroën will launch the new C3 as one of the cheapest electric cars made in Europe. Prices for the 4-metre-long small car with an SUV silhouette should start at €23,300/US$24,500.

There are five seats and 310 litres of trunk space, but the drive doesn’t really stand out: 83 kW/113 hp and a top speed of 135 kph. The 42 kWh battery should enable ranges of up to 320km.

For 2025, the French manufacturer has announced an entry-level version with less battery capacity that will sell for €19,990/US$21,900.


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Polestar 4: Looking ahead

As a subsidiary of the major corporation Geely and a sister of Volvo, Polestar represents many newcomers that combine Chinese influence and Western values. The Polestar 4 is almost emblematic of this fusion.

Not so much because it starts as a jacked-up electric coupe for around €60,000/US$60,000 or because it aims to impress with its specs: up to 400 kW/544 hp, 0-100 kph in 3.8 seconds, and a range of 600km.

More so because the forward-looking optimism is even pressed into the metal: The Polestar 4 is one of the first cars to do without a rear window. Instead a roof-mounted camera system projects its view onto a digital rear-view mirror.

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Dacia Duster: Bargain-hunter appeal

Romanian Renault subsidiary Dacia is building on old strengths and sticks to the familiar format and striking shape with its latest Duster.

However, the 4.34-metre-long car is designed a little more finely on the outside and has slightly higher quality materials on the inside.

The option of all-wheel drive also remains and the price should start at less than €20,000 in Europe. The digital instruments are new as is a mild hybrid petrol engine (96 kW/130 hp).

There’s also a 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine for LPG or petrol (up to 74 kW/100 hp) and a four-cylinder hybrid with 103 kW/140 hp. With its buffer battery, it provides at least a few hundred metres of purely electric driving.

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