Škoda Auto brews up ‘Curiosity Fuel’ coffee

PRAGUE: Škoda Auto has launched its own brand of sustainable coffee, named "Curiosity Fuel," across its Czech plants, promoting environmentally responsible practices.

The coffee is sourced from family farms in India and Tanzania, adhering to Rainforest Alliance principles, which ensure fair wages, ecological responsibility, and local biodiversity preservation.

The initiative is part of Škoda's broader commitment to sustainability, aiming to minimise the environmental impact of its operations and promote circular economy principles.

This includes using coffee bean husks, a byproduct of coffee production, to sustainably tan leather for seat covers in selected Škoda car models, such as the Kodiaq and Octavia.

Škoda Auto board member for procurement Karsten Schnake, emphasised the company's responsibility towards environmental stewardship and its efforts to integrate sustainable practices from product sourcing to final production stages.

He highlighted that the Curiosity Fuel coffee project not only supports fair practices but also serves as a catalyst for further reducing the company's environmental footprint.

Additionally, Škoda Auto plans to enhance local infrastructure in India near the coffee plantations, including supporting school improvements, underlining its role as a responsible employer within the Volkswagen Group.

The coffee beans are roasted at the Jablum family roastery in Bezdecín, Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic. Starting this summer, Škoda Auto aims to cover its annual coffee consumption at Czech plants—approximately 25 tonnes—with Curiosity Fuel.

This change reflects Škoda's strategy of fostering curiosity about sustainable solutions and connecting various aspects of the value chain from production to consumption.

In terms of product innovation, Škoda is exploring additional sustainable leather tanning methods, including using wastewater from olive oil processing for other car models.
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