Small-but-sturdy C3 to lead Citroen's SUV wave into emerging markets

By DPA | 17 September 2021

FRANKFURT: While its career in Europe is coming to an end, the current Citroen C3 is making it big on the other side of the world, arriving as a small SUV for India and South America.

While the European model is slowly gearing up for a new generation, the French manufacturer has now announced a variant of the small car specially developed for export to emerging markets.

As some Western markets are nearing saturation when it comes to SUVs, Citroen hopes the boom is only beginning in other markets, and says it will put the C3 on sale in India and South America in the first half of 2022.

In light of the poor infrastructure, the 3.98-metre-long C3 will become a small car with many SUV characteristics - including 18 centimetres of ground clearance, a beefy body and the mudguards on the underside of the front and rear.

Technically the C3 remains a conventional small car and, according to Citroen, is driven only by the front wheels. The manufacturer has not yet announced the choice of engines.