Smart Malaysia rolls out smartCare for better customer support

SUBANG JAYA: Smart Malaysia has unveiled smartCare, an advanced aftersales service programme designed to ensure the roadworthiness of all smart vehicles and provide proactive support to existing smart owners.

This comprehensive programme encompasses a range of services and features aimed at enhancing the premium ownership experience and maintaining the highest standards of safety and reliability.

SmartCare Programme provides unmatched Digital Experience, Reliable Battery Management, and Aftersales Service that includes Live High Voltage (HV) Battery Monitoring, Aftersales Digital Services via the Hello smart App, Local HV Battery Repair Partner, Warehouse & Logistic Partner, Service Outlet Facility with HV Battery Rooms, EV Chargers at all smart Outlets, Qualified EV Technicians, and Body & Paint Facilities.

SmartCare ecosystem's unique Live High Voltage Battery Monitoring system is designed to offer pre-emptive solutions for potential issues through real-time monitoring of battery health in smart vehicles.
smartCare Customer Day

Available in all modern smart vehicles, this system allows the car to provide alerts directly to smart Central, ensuring that necessary actions can be taken promptly to maintain optimal performance and reliability.

The Hello smart App further enhances the ownership experience by enabling owners to
effortlessly book services, access user guidelines, and receive emergency assistance through a user-friendly interface.

Additionally, owners can contact the smartCare Centre at 1-800-22-8877 for any inquiries, ensuring prompt support and assistance on their vehicle whenever needed.

Smart Malaysia's partnership with local HV battery repair services is a distinctive feature of smartCare.

This collaboration in battery management empowers smart Malaysia to deliver swift and eco-friendly repairs by reusing functional components, thereby minimising downtime and significantly reducing environmental impact.

Smart Malaysia centres are staffed by highly trained EV experts, supported by smart Central in China, ensuring top-tier aftersales service through continuous training and up-to-date knowledge of EV technology.

The company is also partnering a reliable warehouse and logistics provider to ensure parts are readily available and efficiently managed.

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With more than 3,000 stock-keeping units (SKUs) and over 10,000 parts in stock, this partnership reduces wait times and enhances service efficiency, which is crucial for smart owners needing quick car repairs.

In addition Additionally, the company is also equipped with Body & Paint (B&P) facilities at the Ipoh, KL B&P and Penang outlets.

These facilities are equipped to handle various services such as insurance claims, windscreen replacement, body painting and body repair.

Moreover, all 10 smart outlets nationwide are equipped with EV chargers, offering convenient access to both AC and DC charging facilities.

Smart Malaysia chief executive officer Zhang Qiang said smartCare is a testament to the company's commitment to provide exceptional aftersales service and customer support.

"Our objective is to ensure that every smart vehicle is roadworthy and that our owners receive the proactive, reliable service they deserve," he said.

SmartCare will hold a customer day event at smart Ipoh and smart Alor Setar on June 22 from  10am-12pm.

Attendees can expect Technical Insights, hands-on demonstrations, where smart product experts will share valuable information about vehicle operations, charging procedures, and maintenance best practices.
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