smart Malaysia unveils #3 EV and pledges support to sustainable programmes

KUALA LUMPUR: smart Malaysia unveiled the upcoming smart #3 electric vehicle (EV) at KL Car-Free Morning Programme, held at Dataran DBKL coinciding with World Earth Day on Sunday.

The collaboration between smart Malaysia and Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) through the KL Car-Free Morning Programme represents the EV distributor's ongoing efforts to enhance urban mobility.

In a striking livery to the public for the first time in Malaysia, the #3 is poised to redefine the driving experience in Malaysia, setting a new standard for electric vehicle performance.

smart is the first EV car brand to support the KL Car-Free Morning Programme by pioneering innovative solutions that directly contribute to the promotion of sustainable urban living.

By transforming congested streets into lively, car-free zones, both partners invite communities to reimagine their daily commutes and embrace healthier lifestyles.

The event on Sunday witnessed a strong turnout of 2,000 participants engaging in a 7km stretch of closed-road morning run.

smart Malaysia chief executive officer Zhang Qiang said the partnership with DBKL aligned with smart's Global Sustainability Strategy and represented a significant step forward in promoting collaborative sustainable development for both the environment and society.

"By showcasing smart #1 and #3, we aim to raise awareness for eco-friendly transportation alternatives and emphasise the importance of reducing carbon emissions and protecting the environment.

"Additionally, our plant giveaway adds a delightful touch to our efforts in spreading this awareness," said Zhang.
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