Stellantis to expand hybrid vehicle line to meet growing demand

PARIS: Stellantis said today it would expand its line of affordable hybrid vehicles to 36 models in Europe by 2026, to meet growing demand for this engine type, an alternative to petrol-fuelled cars and electric vehicles.

The American-French-Italian automaker, created from the 2021 merger between Peugeot maker PSA and Fiat Chrysler, said in a statement it would offer 30 hybrid models this year for nine of its 14 brands, including Fiat, Peugeot, Jeep and Alfa Romeo, and

Stellantis, which did not say how many such hybrid models it already sells, said it was responding to the quick ramp-up of customer orders for hybrids in Europe.

It added that its sales of this kind of vehicle in the region rose 41% in the first six months this year.

The group said in June its EV sales were stable since the beginning of 2024 despite softer demand globally.

Stellantis said it was focusing on selling "mild hybrid" vehicles, those without a plug and that use a 48-volt low-voltage battery, a dual-clutch robotic gearbox and a reinforced braking energy-recovery system.

"When you compare this system to a high-voltage hybrid, it has a very similar CO2 gain at a lower cost for our customer," said Christian Müller, Stellantis' senior vice president of propulsion systems for the EMEA region, referring to its carbon dioxide emissions.

"Our system is as good as the others but with a slightly better price-entry point."

Stellantis' affordable hybrid technology allows for a range of up to one kilometre in pure electric mode, compared to around 80km for the group's plug-in hybrid technology.
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