Syndicate misusing subsidised diesel smashed

File pic of a seized diesel tanker.

PUTRAJAYA: A syndicate, which used modified tankers to ferry misappropriated diesel in Ipoh, has been smashed by the Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Ministry.

The ministry's director-general of enforcement, Datuk Azman Adam, said a modified truck was caught filling up subsidised diesel at a petrol station during the Ops Tiris 3.0 on May 24.

"The syndicate's modus operandi involved using a truck modified with an additional tank to fill diesel at several petrol stations before the diesel was collected and distributed in the black market," he said in a statement today.

Azman said an inspection of the tanker found 1,700 litres of diesel in an additional tank within the truck's cargo space, connected to the vehicle's original tank.

The truck, along with the additional tank containing diesel, hose pipes and a pump motor, and several related documents and other equipment were seized, with the confiscated items valued at an estimated RM23,655.

The 41-year-old truck driver had also been arrested.

Azman said investigators are working to identify other individuals or companies that might be involved in this case.
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