Syndicates carry on using social media to sell fake driving licences

PETALING JAYA: Scammers are using social media to sell fake driving licences in Malaysia.

In a statement on its Facebook page, the Malaysian Road Transport Department (JPJ) said it has uncovered new  social media pages and accounts promising to issue driving licences cheaply and easily but not according to the conditions set and not legally valid.

Such illegal activities are nothing new. In fact, the scam has been going on for some time.

According to the JPJ statement, these pages and accounts have been set up by syndicates that use social media to promote their illegal services.

They claim that the licences that they issue are difficult for the authorities to detect they are fake.

"Be informed that a legally issued driver's licence must follow the established procedures and procedures for training and competent driving tests," said the JPJ statement.

"JPJ would like to remind the public to stay away from such syndicates, which use various persuasive methods to influence the public's thinking."

The statement added that JPJ was working with the police as well as the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission to track down the owners of the social media accounts.

"Having an invalid licence is an offence under Section 108 of Act 333.

"Driving without a valid licence not only breaks the law, but also exposes you to the risk of accidents that endanger your own life and that of others," it added.
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