Targeted diesel subsidy: Notify govt of flaws so we can fix them, says PM

BUTTERWORTH: The government welcomes feedback on issues and flaws with the targeted diesel subsidy programme so that it can be improved, says Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

"When we start something, there will be flaws.

"Tell us so we can correct it rather than saying cruel things," he told the press during his visit to the Aidiladha Korban Perdana sacrificial ceremony at Masjid Jamek Cerok Tokun Bawah, Bukit Mertajam here today.

“Yes, the move did affect the people but we have to do our best to continue to provide subsidies to the deserving.

“If you think you are deserving of the subsidies, apply to us and we will help where possible,” he said in response to questions about the subsidy rationalisation after saying that the move affected companies bordering Malaysia that illegally benefitted from diesel subsidies in the past.

"It will save us funds that have been misused by others.

"The savings from this (exercise) would be returned to the people," he said.

On Monday, Anwar said the government still had to bear around RM7bil in diesel-related subsidies in Peninsular Malaysia, as these had not been abolished.

"The diesel subsidy rationalisation aims to ensure more efficient management of subsidies, prevent misuse and ensure they reach appropriate groups.

"The main goal of the rationalisation policy is to ensure that subsidy wastage does not continue and for the savings to be returned to the wider population," he said.
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