Tesla is working on a massive charging station

PARIS: Tesla is planning to increase the number of giant charging stations in order to meet ever-increasing demand. Its latest project, in Florida, could bring together some 200 charging stations on a single site.

Currently, the world's largest electric car charging station is located in China. Inaugurated in Shenzhen in 2023 by manufacturer BYD, in collaboration with Shell, it comprises no fewer than 258 charging stations.

But Tesla also has plans to build this type of site, with a first set to appear in the United States.

A new station, due to open soon on Florida's Turnpike, at Yeehaw Junction, is expected to feature some 200 charging points, a new record for the American firm, whose biggest Supercharger station currently has about 100 charging points.

The new site will comprise 160 V3 Superchargers, capable of delivering up to 250 kW of power, and 40 stand-alone charging stations, accessible to all. Tesla doesn't intend to stop there, however, and already has other projects in the pipeline, such as another station in California, this time with "only" 160 charging points.

The most recent Superchargers offer a charging power of 250 kW, which, according to Tesla, offers a range gain of just over 300km in just a quarter of an hour.

Currently, the American automaker's Supercharger network boasts over 50,000 charging stations worldwide. It should be noted that part of this network is now open to other brands, with charging power limited to 200 kW.
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