Tesla launches restyled Model 3 in North America

AUSTIN: Tesla launched the restyled version of its Model 3 sedan in North America today and kept the prices unchanged, according to the company's website and a post on X.

The electric car maker has removed the most expensive version of the Model 3, the "performance" variant, from its North American websites, and now only lists the rear-wheel drive and the long-range variants.

The Model 3's rear-wheel drive variant is currently priced at US$38,990 (RM181,000), while its long-range variant costs US$45,990 (RM214,000). Tesla has updated the range of its long-range variant to 548km, up from the earlier 535km.

The restyled version of both variants includes new features such as a rear display for backseat passengers, two new colours - "Stealth Grey and Ultra Red" - and newly styled wheels, according to Tesla's website.

Tesla first unveiled the restyled Model 3 in China in September last year at a higher price. The upgraded car went on sale in Europe a month later.

The Model 3 rear-wheel drive and long-range vehicles became ineligible for the US$7,500 federal tax credit at the end last year, based on new guidance under the US Inflation Reduction Act.

Tesla delivered a record number of electric vehicles in the fourth quarter, beating market estimates and meeting its 2023 target, but lost its spot as the top EV maker by sales to China's BYD.

(The latest Model 3 is already selling in Malaysia, having launched in the South-East Asian country in October  2023)
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