Tesla launches South-East Asia's largest Supercharging station in Gamuda Cove, Selangor

KUALA LUMPUR: Tesla Malaysia has opened the largest Supercharging station in South-East Asia at Gamuda Cove, Selangor recently.

The facility is equipped with six DC superchargers and 18 AC destination chargers.

The pay-per-use Supercharging fee makes Tesla’s charging become one of the most cost-efficient charging methods in the market, at a rate of RM1.25/kWh.

With the new facility in place, Tesla Malaysia has seven Supercharging stations (36 DC chargers) and nine Destination Charging stations (55 AC chargers) nationwide.

The collaboration between Tesla and Gamuda Land signifies a significant step forward in enhancing accessibility and convenience of charging electric vehicles in the area.

Tesla has also given a commitment to building more charging infrastructure and expanding charging network in Malaysia with more Tesla charging stations being launched in coming months.


In addition to supporting electric mobility between Malaysia and Singapore, Tesla is also expending its charging network to Singapore with a total of 11 Supercharging stations and nine Destination Charging stations.

Tesla's current lineup in Malaysia are the Model 3 (from RM189,000) and Model Y (from RM199,000) are now available to test drive and order.

Customers can contact the Tesla Malaysia hotline at 1-800 810655 to schedule an appointment.
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