Tesla opens two AC charging stations in Penang

The Destination Charging Station at The Ship Campus.

KUALA LUMPUR: Tesla in Malaysia has expanded its charging network to Penang with two charging stations at The Ship Campus, Batu Kawan and All Seasons Place, Air Itam.

This expanded coverage allows Tesla owners to enjoy cross-country charging from Singapore to Johor and Penang.

The so-called "Destination Charging Stations" allow convenient and reliable charging options for Tesla owners where they can plug in and enjoy free charging.

With the Tesla app, owners can monitor the charging status and receive notifications when their vehicles are ready to go.

All Seasons Place.
All Seasons Place.

The charging station at The Ship Campus has eight AC chargers while the All Season Place has four.

As of today, there are six Tesla DC charging stations and eight AC charging stations in Malaysia; offering a total of 30 DC chargers and 37 AC chargers.

Tesla says it would continue building more charging infrastructures in Penang and expanding charging coverage in Malaysia.
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