Tesla Supercharging station in Pavilion KL is operational

KUALA LUMPUR: The first Tesla Supercharging station in Malaysia at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur is operational.

Charging fee is RM1.25 per kWh.

An idle fee of up to RM4 per minute will also be imposed when all eight supercharging points are occupied to discourage owners with fully charged Tesla vehicles from hogging the bays.

Pavilion KL SuC 3 23 Aug 2023

The supercharging station is part of Tesla Malaysia's commitment to supporting Malaysia's transition to sustainable energy.

The Pavilion KL Supercharging station is strategically located in the centre of Kuala Lumpur to facilitate seamless charging and ownership of all Tesla vehicles in the region.

The integrated support for Tesla vehicles and mobile app will enable owners to effortlessly navigate, pre-condition the vehicle battery, and access the charging station for a fast and hassle-free charging experience.


The chargers leverage V3 supercharging with a peak output of 250kW and can power up a Tesla Model Y Performance with 270km of drive range in 15 minutes.

Tesla owns and operates the world's largest fast-charging network.

Pavilion KL SuC 4 23 Aug 2023

As of today, Tesla has over 45,000 Superchargers and 5,265 Supercharging stations worldwide.

The American company is also planning to set up more charging stations in Malaysia soon.

For more information, customers can contact the Tesla Malaysia hotline at 1800810655 or visit the Model Y Pop-up at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur Level 3.
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