Tesla to end production of 60kWh Model S

By CARSIFU | 18 March 2017

SAN FRANCISCO: Tesla has announced that it is stopping production of its cheapest Model S.

The version with the 60kWh battery will be available to order until April 16.

The 60kWh version has a “detuned” battery pack as it can be upgraded to the 75kWh with an over-the-air update. The upgrade is a US$9,500 option. The 60kWh Model S has a 338km range while the 75kWh can go 400km on a single charge.


Both have a single motor in the back to drive the rear wheels.

The base model variant, introduced a year ago, has seen many customers buying it and upgrading it to the 75kWh version, which is why Tesla has decided to axe the cheapest version.

“To simplify the ordering process for our customers, we will be removing the 60kWh option from our lineup,” Tesla said in a statement.

The 60kWh version is priced from US$68,000 (RM302,000) before any state or federal tax incentives; the 75kWh version starts from US$74,500 (RM331,000).