Tesla’s US$55 shattered Cybertruck decal sells out in hours

SAN FRANCISCO: Tesla Inc. is cashing in on a past demonstration gone wrong, selling out of a US$55 (RM257) Cybertruck window decal in a matter of hours.

The product Tesla started offering as the company began delivering its debut pickup is a nod to the Cybertruck’s unveiling in November 2019.

Chief executive officer Elon Musk reacted with an expletive after design chief Franz von Holzhausen shattered one of the truck’s windows with a metal ball in a botched show of its strength.

Musk called upon von Holzhausen for a do-over Thursday, albeit with a baseball that the Cybertruck’s metal-glass window managed to withstand without incident.

In addition to reopening reservations for the pickup on its website, the company set up an accessories page offering items ranging from the US$55 decal to US$6,500 (RM30,355) colour wraps.

The window sticker is the latest in a long line of offbeat accessories Musk’s ventures have sold over the years, including burnt hair perfume, short shorts and flamethrowers.
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