TNG says its RFID tags don’t have an expiry date

PETALING JAYA: Touch ‘n Go has issued a statement to clarify that its RFID tags do not have an expiry date.

“With regards to the misconception about the Touch ‘n Go RFID having an expiry date by January 31 2024, this is false and incorrect,” the company said in a notice posted on its Facebook page.

This comes after the company ran a promotional campaign offering early adopters or users of the 2018 pilot RFID programme a chance to replace their tags for RM19.50 instead of the usual retail price of RM35.

In the message to its pilot RFID users, the company said “... after five years, your well-loved tag may need a little makeover..”, leading some users on social media to speculate that the RFID tags come with an expiration date.

The company has also clarified that RFID tags that were acquired during the pilot programme will be deregistered by Jan 31, 2024 for users who choose to fit their vehicle with a newly-purchased RFID tag.

It said this is to ensure that one vehicle does not have two tags.

For users who choose not to purchase a new tag, the company said the pilot RFID tags will "continue to be active and registered to the vehicle".

In its FAQ, the company said pilot users are those who participated in the Pilot RFID programme which ran between August 2018 to Feb 15, 2020, when the RFID tags were offered for free.
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