Toyota Australia introduces V-Active 48-Volt tech to 2024 Hilux

SYDNEY: Toyota Australia has introduced V-Active technology to the Hilux to deliver better fuel efficiency as well as improved smoothness, response and off-road prowess.

V-Active technology provides electric assistance to the powerful 150kW/500Nm Hilux 2.8-litre turbo-diesel four-cylinder engine on select 4x4 automatic double-cab grades.

Fuel consumption gains of up to 9.5 per cent are achieved by combining outputs from the engine and six-speed automatic transmission with a 48V electric motor-generator, 48V lithium-ion battery and idle-stop system.

The 48-Volt technology delivers smoother, quieter yet more responsive performance and reduces engine load under acceleration, particularly from standstill.

Efficiency also benefits from a reduction in idling speed from 720rpm to 600rpm.

2024 Toyota HiLux SR5.
2024 Toyota HiLux SR5.

The engine uses a belt system to drive the compact motor generator that charges the 48V lithium battery, which is installed under the rear seats.

It comprises 13 cells with a capacity of 4.3Ah and weighs just 7.6kg.

The system can send up to 8.4kW of power and 65 Nm of torque through the motor-generator to assist the engine. The 48V battery also supplies the vehicle’s 12V system through a new DC/DC converter.

A new two-arm belt tensioner and stronger belt material contribute to the improved drivability and a quieter drive.

Deceleration and braking energy that would otherwise be lost is converted into electricity and stored in the 48V battery for later use.

2024 Toyota HiLux Rogue.

Hydraulic braking is combined with regenerative braking, creates a more effective and natural deceleration feel and supports safer downhill manoeuvring.

The idle-stop system, as well as saving fuel, delivers smooth, quiet engine restarts because the motor generator is constantly connected to the engine. Unlike conventional systems, it does not use the starter motor.

In addition to the “normal” idle-stop mode, a selectable “long” mode can provide extended engine shut-off while the vehicle is stationary, contributing to fuel efficiency.

Restarting the engine on inclines is seamless with the system retaining brake pressure until enough drive force is generated to offer smooth acceleration.

2024 Toyota HiLux SR.

For the first time on a Hilux, V-Active technology variants are paired with a six-mode Multi-Terrain Select to further enhance the model’s excellent off-road ability.

This provides tailored traction control for a range of road surfaces: auto, sand and mud (low and high range), deep snow and dirt (high range), and rock (low-range).

Hilux variants with V-Active technology retains the same 3,500kg braked towing capacity and 5,850kg gross combined mass as the rest of the Hilux 4x4 range.

Other updates for HiLux include a tailgate damper with gas strut and steel cable on pick-up variants, making loading and unloading easier.

Styling enhancements create a more dynamic look with a redesigned front fascia and new black honeycomb grille applied to most variants.

SR double-cab grades with automatic transmission add front and rear parking sensors, while SR5 double-cab automatic grades and above gain a wireless charger and two rear USB-C ports for additional device charging capability.

2024 Toyota HiLux SR5.
2024 Toyota HiLux SR5.
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