Toyota Raize hybrid passes in-house collision test, says Daihatsu

By CARSIFU | 26 May 2023

TOKYO: A safety test done by Daihatsu on the Toyota Raize hybrid SUV (sport utility vehicle) on May 24, specifically a driver's seat side collision test, delivered results that meet regulatory safety standards.

In a statement on May 26 (Friday), the Japanese automaker said the test, to confirm the safety of a vehicle when it collides with a utility pole from the side, was done at the Daihatsu Shiga Technical Centre.

The test involved a situation where the side of a vehicle was crashed into a utility-type pole at a speed of 32 km/h, and results were dependent on factors such as the occupant impact (injury value) meeting legal standards, whether the door does not dislodge or release, and if the amount of fuel leakage is below a certain value.

The Japanese automaker stressed that the test conducted was a Daihatsu in-house test and has not been confirmed by the certification authority.


The voluntary in-house collision test was done, following Daihatsu's statement on May 19 that it had found wrongdoing in the certification procedures for the side impact collision tests (UN-R135) of the Daihatsu Rocky and Toyota Raize hybrids for the Japan market.

Shipments and sales of those vehicles were suspended as of the same day.

Daihatsu said the necessary procedures for shipment and sales resumption of the Toyota Raize will be implemented, such as conducting tests in the presence of certification authorities and confirming other certification items in consultation with authorities.

In a statement, Toyota Motor Corp said it is working with all companies within the group, to re-examine its past governance structure, including its own, and has begun a thorough review.

"We view this case not as an individual or workplace issue, but rather a company-wide issue where an individual or workplace was forced to commit a wrongdoing. Together with Daihatsu, we are committed to listening to the voices of those on the front lines and carefully responding to the situation," said the group.