Toyota targets batteries in circular economy

TOKYO: Toyota aims to create a circular economy for the batteries used in its vehicles as part of its efforts to achieve carbon neutrality.

The company aims to promote circularity in the life cycle of automotive batteries, particularly those used in battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

Toyota said it is developing batteries that are resource-efficient and long-lasting during their first phase of life, ensuring customers have peace of mind while driving their cars.

After this phase, the batteries can be repackaged and reused in either automotive or non-automotive applications.


When the batteries reach their end-of-life stage, Toyota aims to recycle them in a sustainable way, reducing CO2 emissions and maximising the use of materials for new battery production.

To represent this circular path, Toyota uses the concept of "Battery 3R" which stands for Reduce, Rebuilt/Reuse, and Recycle.

The company is accelerating efforts related to these three R's globally, collaborating with various partners and considering local battery production in each country and region.

The Battery 3R initiative is part of Toyota's broader environmental strategy, which includes various initiatives related to vehicle development and design.

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The company focuses on resource recycling, improving product durability and longevity, and minimising waste. These efforts are detailed in Toyota's recently updated Sustainability Data Book.

In 2020, Toyota introduced the Seventh Toyota Environmental Action Plan-2025 Target, an incremental action plan to achieve the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050.

Under the 2025 target, Toyota is accelerating environmental initiatives, with a strong focus on two specific measures:

> Introducing and implementing Battery 3R throughout five regions-Japan, Asia, China, the US and Europe.

> Aiming to maximise the collection and detoxification of end-of-life batteries globally.
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