UK helmet maker taps Cardo's mesh tech for better group comms on the go

LONDON: Cardo Systems has joined forces with Ruroc, a top British helmet manufacturer, to enhance the connectivity features of Ruroc’s new flagship helmet, the EOX.

Cardo, an Israeli-based company, is a leader in wireless communication systems for powersports.

The partnership marks the first-time integration of Cardo's advanced mesh communications system into Ruroc’s product line.

The EOX helmet features specially designed cutouts to house Cardo’s slim communicator on one side and a battery pack on the other, allowing for quick setup with pre-installed cables. This system enables riders to easily swap out batteries and continue their journey.

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Using Cardo’s Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC) technology, the newly introduced Shockwave Mesh system supports group communications for up to 15 riders over a distance of up to 1.2km.

The system is designed to withstand harsh conditions with an IP65 waterproof rating and includes features like Natural Voice Operation for hands-free control and automatic volume adjustment to adapt to environmental sounds.

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The integrated 40mm speakers deliver high-quality audio, essential for both communication and entertainment on the road.

The Shockwave Mesh will be available as an accessory for the Ruroc EOX helmet, with availability and pricing details to be announced by Ruroc soon.
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