Update address with JPJ or you may not get seized vehicles back, owners told

KUALA LUMPUR: Vehicle owners must update their addresses with the Road Transport Department (JPJ) to ensure that they receive notices from the authorities, including to reclaim their seized vehicles.

Kuala Lumpur JPJ director Mohd Zaki Ismail said vehicle seizures could be made under Section 64(1) of the Road Transport Act 1987.

"After action has been taken, the vehicle owners can reclaim their vehicles.

"However, problems arise when the owners do not come to claim the vehicles or did not receive the notice as they (had) changed address," he said when met at the JPJ auction here today.

Seized vehicles would be auctioned off after a certain period if the owners failed to claim them, Mohd Zaki said.

"Thus, it is important for vehicle owners to update their addresses.

"I hope vehicle owners will be mindful about updating their addresses," he said.

Mohd Zaki said 96 vehicles were auctioned off for a total of RM214,690 by Kuala Lumpur JPJ on Wednesday.

He said 76 vehicles were still road-worthy and could be licensed, while the remaining 20 were considered scrap.

"During the auction, the highest bid received for a scrap vehicle was RM6,000 for a rigid tipper dump truck while the highest bid for a (road-worthy) vehicle was RM41,000 for a small lorry," he said.

"A minimum price is set for each vehicle.

"JPJ has the right to withdraw any items from auction if the bid did not meet the minimum," he added.
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