Use of aftermarket oil cooler hoses may lead to engine damage, Proton tells Exora owners

By CARSIFU | 11 April 2022

PETALING JAYA: Exora owners risk engine damage if they use aftermarket oil cooler hose (OCH) kits, says Proton.

News website Free Malaysia Today cited Proton content management head Faisal Shah as saying that the company is working on the OCH issue and urged Exora owners to refrain from using non-genuine parts as their quality and compatibility could not be verified.

The OCH is a set of connecting hoses between the engine and an attached oil cooler. One line helps feed the hot oil to the cooler and the other returns the cooled oil to the engine. Should there be a hose leak, it can lead to engine overheating and damage.

och exora
A set of oil cooler hoses. — Image grab from YouTube/NUAZ TV

Proton launched the MPV in 2009 and introduced a turbocharged model less than three years later. It is the turbocharged model that is the cause of grief among a number of Exora owners as expressed in various Exora car clubs.

Faisal said the hose was made of rubber when the turbocharged model was introduced. It was upgraded in 2018 to one that was partially metallic to better withstand the high pressure and temperature for a longer period of time. Proton also increased the OCH service interval from 40,000km to 80,000km.

If the OCH could be further improved in future, Proton would do it in an Exora recall, said Faisal.