Used car dealers can now transfer ownership of vehicles online, says Loke

SEREMBAN: Used car dealers will no longer have to go to the Road Transport Department to temporarily transfer the ownership of vehicles they buy from sellers from April, says Anthony Loke.

The Transport Minister said dealers will be able to do so online once the scope of the e-STMS (Sistem Tukarmilik Sementara/Temporary Vehicle Ownership Transfer) is expanded and integrated with JPJ's MySikap system.

"I have approved this and it is now up to JPJ's strategic partners eAuto to integrate the systems.

"I want them to work on it fast because I do not want people going to the JPJ unnecessarily when these things can be done online," he said at the Negri Sembilan Car Dealers and Credit Companies Association 42nd anniversary celebration here on Friday.

Loke said eAuto was a private company which has been working with the JPJ for several years to provide online services.

He said through this system, used car dealers will also immediately know the history of the car they were buying.

"The used car dealers who use eAuto's eSTMS will be able to print out all information about the car in their office and then use it for instance to check with financial institutions like how much it is worth immediately.

"They will also know who the owner is, if the car had changed hands previously and any other information about the vehicle which is available in JPJ's database," he said adding that this way, used car dealers would also know if the seller was trying to sell them a stolen car.

Loke said under the soon-to-be-launched system, sellers will also be able to immediately get refunds for balance in their roadtax.

"The used car dealer will be able to cancel the roadtax of the car he is buying and refund the seller the balance amount immediately.

"At present, the process is tedious as the used car buyer will have to physically go to JPJ to do this," he said, adding that the method of repayment would be announced soon.

Loke said through the eSTMS, used car dealers will also be able to electronically print out the vehicle ownership certificate in their office.

"The buyer will be able to print and keep the digital copy without having to go to JPJ.

"In short, the entire process can be done without the buyer having to go to JPJ,” he said.

He said the system will run for a one year trial period and JPJ will then look at ways to improvise it if necessary.

Loke said the online system was transparent and would benefit both buyers and sellers.

"Those who sell their car certainly want the ownership to be transferred as soon as possible because if the name change is delayed, they could still be held responsible if anything were to go wrong.

"Once the transaction is done online, the used car dealer will be responsible for the car," he said.

Loke said used car dealers would also benefit as they would have immediate access to the vehicle's records.

"Like I said, we are moving towards digitalisation and our intention is to simplify the whole transaction so people would not have to go to JPJ," he added.

Also present at the dinner were Federation of Motor and Credit Companies Associations of Malaysia president Datuk Tony Khor Chong Boon and its state chapter chief Teh Seng Hap.
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