VEP applications jump to over 23,000 in a month

PUTRAJAYA: Applications for Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) jumped to 23,649 from May 28 to June 29, exceeding the total of 15,424 applications last year, said Transport Minister Anthony Loke.

He said in the same period, a total of 6,120 VEP tags were issued to applicants, while 1,080 VEP tags were activated.

"Recipients are reminded to activate the VEP tag by uploading a photo of the vehicle registration number together with the VEP tag that has been affixed at after receiving the VEP tag. VEP tag is invalid if not activated.

"I would also like to inform you that applications to obtain a VEP can still be made after the enforcement date on Oct 1," he said in a press conference on Monday.

He said his ministry has also improved the VEP registration system and process which has been implemented in the VEP portal since last Friday, and will minimise the need to deal by email or at the counter.

Among the main improvements that have been introduced is that the cancellation of VEP registration or deregistration can be done online; and VEPs that have expired, i.e. reached five years from the date of registration will be automatically cancelled.

Also implemented is that VEP renewal can be done online without having to wait for the existing VEP tag to expire; and notifications will be sent to vehicle owners 60 days, 30 days and 10 days before the end of the VEP period.

Loke said the ministry has also added personnel to manage email inquiries from five to 15 people and increased VEP Collection Centre staff from seven to 12 people.

"This will help speed up the process of answering any questions via email or at the counter which has increased manifold since the announcement of enforcement," he said.

Moving forward, Loke said more improvements will be implemented including the introduction of the Open Toll Payment System (OPS) which will allow the use of credit and debit cards as an additional option to Touch N' Go for Road Charge payment.

He said the OPS function can be used from Aug 1, but users can download the MDGS (Malaysian Digital Services) application through Google Play Store or Apple App Store to understand the application's function.

On May 28, Loke announced that the VEP regulation at the Malaysia-Singapore land border will be fully enforced from Oct 1 to ensure that foreign vehicle owners comply with road rules.

Loke said after that period, enforcement action will be taken against any driver who drives a foreign vehicle without a VEP in accordance with Section 66H (7) of the Road Transport Act 1987 (Act 333).

Those who are convicted can be compounded or fined not exceeding RM2,000 or imprisoned for a period not exceeding six months as stipulated in Section 119(2) under Act 333.
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