VIDEO: The smart forrail - a new way of commuting?

By CARSIFU | 30 June 2015

LONDON: Drive or take the train? This can sometimes be a dilemma for some, but a “smart” answer would be to use both modes of transportation simultaneously.

A division of Daimler AG, smart autombile manufactures and markets a range of microcars and subcompact vehicles and has transformed one of its cars into a…wait for it…smart forrail.

What once began life as a smart forfour, the car has been transformed into a train that holds four passengers comfortably - and yes it literally corners like it’s on rails.

smart forrail - 05
It took engineers six months to transform the car, equipping it with 22-inch solid steel wheels (each weighing about 80kg per) and disconnecting the steering before welding aluminium supports between the axles so that the wheels were locked in position.

Interfleet, a specialised British train engineering business based in Derby, UK, is adept to working with 16-litre diesel locomotives weighing in at 70-tonnes, a stark difference when it comes to a 999cc one-tonne smart car.

Under close supervision by trained staff from the railway at all times, with a licensed train driver in the car throughout, each of its runs on 16km railway stretch took place at low speeds during a weekend on the privately operated Bluebell Railway.

Shortly after, the forrail reverted back to its forfour road-going alter ego – content with being spectacularly efficient, fun and ideal for commuting. On tarmac.