Volkswagen previews its smallest electric SUV — the ID. 2all SUV

COPENHAGEN: Volkswagen (VW) has given a first preview of the ID. 2all SUV, which is touted as the compact electric SUV for the masses.

Like the ID. 2all concept shown in March that will replace the Polo, it is based on a newly developed MEB modular electric drive platform with front-wheel drive and is to be presented in 2026.

The teaser was unveiled during a VW workshop with chief designer Andreas Mindt here last week.

The ID. 2all SUV is positioned below the ID.3, making it the smallest electric SUV from VW. The German carmaker had recently said it is seeking to build a new electric model that is priced below €25,000, which is pivotal for the brand to stay competitive amidst the Chinese "invasion" of electric cars that are much cheaper.

It looks to be competing in the same space as Volvo's budget EX30 (due to go on sale in Malaysia in 2024 by the way), and features a similar profile and size.

The small electric SUV is expected to come in two variants, one with 38 kWh battery and the other 58 kWh.

If the ID. 2all is any indication, its SUV sibling may get the same 12.9-inch infotainment touchscreen with a new menu structure and multifunction steering wheel.

It will also hew to three pillars  the ID. 2all is based on namely likability, stability and enthusiasm.

VW will launch 10 new EVs by 2026, one of which would be the ID. 2all followed by the ID. 2all SUV.
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