Volvo’s connected safety tech can now alert drivers of accidents ahead

By CARSIFU | 2 March 2024

GOTHENBURG: Volvo Cars has launched a groundbreaking connected safety feature, the Accident Ahead Alert, available in compatible models in Europe, starting with Denmark.

This innovative technology enables Volvo cars to inform drivers about accidents ahead in real-time, using data from traffic management centres and the Volvo Cars cloud.

Aimed at preventing collisions and reducing traffic congestion caused by accidents, the system alerts drivers to traffic incidents up to several hundred metres ahead. The feature leverages location data supplied by national road authorities and initially, other Volvo vehicles.


“Using our groundbreaking connected safety technology, our Accident Ahead Alert can help Volvo drivers avoid unpleasant surprises, while contributing to making roads safer for all,” said Volvo Cars safety centre head Åsa Haglund.

“Thanks to our collaboration with the Danish Road Directorate and other partners in the Data for Road Safety ecosystem, we can introduce this new feature and continue our leadership in safety innovations.”

Volvo plans to expand the feature by incorporating traffic data from other European countries and vehicles from different manufacturers.

The company advocates for wider data sharing among road authorities and car makers to improve safety features across the industry.

Volvo car owners can participate in this safety initiative by opting for data sharing through their vehicle's connected safety settings.


The car will then be able to alert the driver of an accident ahead by using the hazard light alert in the dashboard and, if available, the head-up display.

Volvo said only the essential information would be shared with other cars and the data would be anonymised to ensure privacy.

The Accident Ahead Alert is currently available in Denmark for all 90, 60, and 40 series models from 2016 onwards, with plans to extend it to other European markets.