VW is bringing back its Multivan as California camper van

BERLIN: Volkswagen's Multivan is returning as a camper van for Europe's holidaymakers, and VW has announced that its new holiday-oriented version will arrive shortly after mid-2024 with a pop-top roof that makes room for a bunk bed.

With their blend of van and motorhome styles, VW's campers are a familiar sight across Europe, where lakes, forests and coastal roads fill up with families and pensioners driving various generations of California-badged camper van models come summer.

Volkswagen hasn't announced prices yet, but says orders for the so-called New California start in June and that it will be based on the long version of the new T7 Multivan, meaning a length of 5.17 metres.

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As before, it comes with the trademark pop-top roof with bunk bed and a motorhome extension with table and kitchenette, which grows in its range of features with each of the five equipment levels.

New features include a second sliding door as standard and smarter camping functions, which can now be controlled on a new display in the car and using an app on your smartphone.

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There are also individual seats instead of the rear bench seat for more flexibility, VW says.

Built on the VW Group's Modular Transverse Matrix platform, the New California also offers campers another first: In addition to a diesel with 150hp and a petrol engine with 204hp, VW is also offering the New California as a plug-in hybrid for the first time. This has an output of 245hp and can drive on electric power over short distances.

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