Wacky Renault concept van serves as base camp for rich hippies

By dpa | 25 August 2022

HANNOVER/PARIS: Renault has come up with a rather odd base camp for wealthy bohemians who want to commune with nature, and has dubbed it the Hippie Caviar Motel.

The showcar is based on the electric version of the Renault Kangoo van and is described as "a mobile shelter for adventurers and sports enthusiasts who love the outdoors."

The camper will be unveiled at IAA Transportation show in Hanover on Sept 19, but is unlikely to go into series production.

Renault said it has detected a market for the Hippie Caviar Motel "to address the growing yearning for travel and opportunities to contemplate nature in idyllic settings while enjoying the comfort and amenities of a 5-star hotel.

Motoring scribe Erik Shilling, who writes for the Jalopnik car website, had harsh words for the car which he said he "despised".


"This is a camper van for fancy people who also pretend to be starving artists, or something. It's also probably not going into production, so it's only worth a little scorn," said Shilling. He called the Renault "garbage".

The Hippie Caviar Motel has a 285-km range and it takes 30 minutes to extend this by 170km. Its electric motor develops 90kW (120hp) powered by a battery pack of 45 kWh and is able to recharge up to 80 kW DC.

Renault said its showcar revealed its strategy to reduce carbon emissions throughout the vehicle's life cycle – including shelves and floor made of recycled tyres and cork, as well as the all-electric powertrain.