Welcome to Bentley Record Room — if you're in Manchester

LONDON: The Bentley Record Room at Co-op Live Manchester is now open, offering an exclusive experience for up to 100 guests.

This space, designed by the Bentley Design team, provides a luxurious environment reflecting the refined aesthetic of Bentley cars.

Co-op Live Manchester is a newly built indoor arena in Manchester that is a venue for music, sports and other entertainment events.

Located next to Bentley’s "Green Room", the record room can host spontaneous performances or showcase emerging talent. The venue offers curated dining with private host and waiting services, including a dedicated arrival and private entrance.


The design features bespoke finishes such as British-sourced wool-trimmed Bentley Diamonds in the ceilings and walnut panels with geometric lines for enhanced acoustics.

Polished mineral plaster walls with walnut inlays surround the stage, enhancing the sound experience. The space's ceiling height is adjusted for visual impact around the stage and bar areas, which include low seating and private dining areas for comfort and performance visibility.

A notable feature is the walnut diamond bar, inspired by the Bentley Batur matrix, with a Patagonia stone top and Bentley green low-carbon leather.


Furniture from Bentley Home, such as the Galloway Bench and Ryde Ottoman, is included, showcasing Bentley’s craftsmanship and design.

Bentley Motors head of design collaborations Chris Cooke said the club has an intimate and luxurious design that enhances acoustic clarity and features signature Bentley details like wool acoustic diamonds and walnut veins.

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