Woman’s RM909,999 bid for ‘FF9’ plate raises eyebrows

Wong with her McLaren sports car, with a number 9 plate. — Pic from her Instagram@lovedevon99

PETALING JAYA: The frenzied bidding for the special “FF” number plate series has cast a spotlight on entrepreneur Ivon Wong.

Her eye-watering bid of RM909,999 for the coveted FF9 plate caught the attention of curious netizens.

“So this beautiful lady bought number plate FF9 for RM909,999??” someone posted.

Wong, 35, however, explained that she did not end up getting the number plate as she was outbid by RM2,000 after someone else pitched in RM911,999.

“People have been asking me why I made the bid for the number plate,” she said.

The FF9 number plate, she said, was significant to her as a way to remember her beloved pet Fei Fei, which died three years ago.

“It represents cherished memories and the bond that I shared with my dog Fei Fei,” she said yesterday.

Furthermore, she said she had two cars – a McLaren 720S and a Mercedes – with “9” on the number plate as well.

Wong, who is in the retail and beauty line, said Fei Fei had been a faithful companion to her.

“When I came home from work or when I was going through difficult times, Fei Fei was always there to greet me,” she said.

Though she did not manage to get the FF9 number plate, Wong said she was not sad about it.

She said she would continue to use her platform to raise awareness on mental health, something she felt strongly about.

“I came from a single parent home, a close-knit family that faced financial struggles. This early experience instilled in me the value of perseverance, hard work and resourcefulness.”

Her company recently embarked on a corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme called “Peace of Mind” aimed at supporting mental health awareness and relaxation techniques.

The special “FF” number plate series was launched to mark the 77th anniversary of the Road Transport Department (JPJ). The online bidding ended on May 19.

Transport Minister Anthony Loke said on Monday that the special “FF” number plate series had raked in a record revenue of RM34,296,327.
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