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Triumph Street Triple 765 RS: Fun on the run
29 March 2024
FROM the moment I laid eyes on the 2024 Street Triple 765 RS, I felt a surge of excitement. Its aggressive stance and athletic design hinted at the adventure awaiting me. Eve...
Triumph Tiger 900 GT Aragon Edition: A rugged ride
04 January 2024
In July 2022, Ivan Cervantes won the Baja Aragon, one of the most demanding races on two wheels. In conjunction with this victory, Triumph launched the Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Ara...
Triumph Tiger Sport 660: Versatile and exhilarating
29 September 2023
THE Triumph Tiger Sport 660 boasts a modern and aggressive design that seamlessly blends sportiness with adventure elements. Its sharp lines and sleek contours, especially the s...
Triumph Tiger 1200 GT Pro: Pushing the limits
01 June 2023
THIS new Triumph Tiger 1200 model is offered in two different ranges, which comprise three road-oriented GT variants with cast alloy wheels with 19-inch front and 18-inch rear tyre...
Triumph Tiger 850 Sport: Value-for-money prowler
29 April 2022
THE Triumph Tiger 850 Sport caught the attention of many adventure bike enthusiasts when it arrived in Malaysia. The motorcycle, which features a 888cc three-cylinder engine, ha...
Triumph Rocket 3 GT: The mightiest of them all
18 November 2021
THE Triumph Rocket 3 is a beefy roadster equipped with the world’s largest production motorcycle engine capacity of 2.5-litre. The muscle machine comes in two variants of 3 R an...
Triumph Tiger 900 GT: Adventure and speed
24 December 2020
AT a glance the new Triumph Tiger 900 looks similar to the popular Triumph Tiger 800. The new Tiger 900 comes in five different variants which are Tiger 900, GT and GT Pro are f...
Triumph Bonneville Scrambler 1200 XC: A comfortable actioner
21 August 2020
The design of the Triumph Bonneville Scrambler 1200 XC can be summed in one word - practical. Every part of the motorcycle is there for a reason. The retro design of the bike...