BMW heralds coming of 330e plug-in hybrid with new campaign - VIDEO

By CARSIFU | 3 August 2016

#ElectricDrivingPleasure 01

KUALA LUMPUR: The next BMW plug-in to come to Malaysia will be the 330e, which follows the launch of the X5 plug-in hybrid.

As with selected MINI and BMW models, BMW Group Malaysia is teasing the arrival of the car with the #ElectricDrivingPleasure campaign, highlighting Malaysians changing lives through innovation, ideas, and solutions.

Characterising the spirit of the campaign is Yasmin Rasyid, a marine biologist who is also an environmentalist. Yasmin is the founder of EcoKnights – a non-profit organisation working with communities on sustainable projects.

Her story is told by Paul Gan Yew Hoe, finalist of the BMW Shorties competition in 2013 for his film ‘The Boy Who Rocked the World’.

Watch the second short film from the #ElectricDrivingPleasure campaign here.