Cars coming in 2024

PETALING JAYA: With the new year just round the corner, there will continue to be an exciting list of cars we can expect to see, buy and drive in 2024.

Although more electric and electrified cars will appear on the scene, those with internal combustion engines will continue to grow strongly in the coming years particularly for vehicles in the more affordable range, which formed the bulk of sales.

Below are 10 cars we can expect or likely to see on our shores as we head into 2024.

BYD Seal

With the Dolphin hatchback, Atto3 SUV already in Malaysia, it's time for an electric sedan to march in.  The Seal is going to be BYD's opening launch model in 2024 having being previewed earlier this month and also at the Atto 3 launch a year ago.

Three variants are likely to be made available with the top one having two electric motors while the other two will have a single motor in the rear axle. They will also vary by battery capacity, power output and charging times. Range varies from 460km to 570km depending on variant.

Word is the 4-door coupe-style sedan is going to compete in the RM180,000 to RM230,000 price band, putting it in the running against the Tesla Model 3 and BMW i4, which are all of similar size. Charging times for the battery will be much quicker as the Seal uses an 800V system unlike the 400V one found in the Atto 3 and Dolphin.

The Binyue Cool.
The Binyue Cool.
Proton X50 Facelift

As Proton's bestselling SUV, the X50 will amplify its sporty looks in facelifted form and will be eagerly awaited by those in the market for a good-looking, value-for-money B-segment vehicle. The refreshed X50 will not disappoint as a recent test  mule of the latest Geely Binyue had been spotted undergoing trials in the Klang Valley.

The X50 is based on the Binyue, which itself has undergone a facelift in 2021 and again in 2022. Malaysians are expected to get an updated  X50 based on the 2022 Binyue refresh, which sees a radically revised front end and rear. Honeycomb mesh grille design ala Lexus, slim headlights and slim taillights that are joined by a light bar are what's featured on the Binyue Cool, the latest iteration of the original Binyue. It also comes with digital meter cluster that are joined with the infotainment screen. Under the bonnet is a Geely 1.5TD four-cylinder petrol engine that produces 181 hp/290Nm.

For the upcoming X50, it is too much to expect the 4-cylinder mill to be shared with a Proton yet. But we can expect a much sportier looking X50 to come in 2024, while it continues to use the 3-cylinder petrol engines found in the Flagship and lower variants. Proton after all has invested heavily in the 1.5-TGDI engine and has plans to propagate it to future models. On a related note, the X50's bigger sibling, the X70, is due for an update next year as well.

Perodua Ativa Hybrid

The Ativa Hybrid study project of 2022 could morph into Perodua's first full fledged hybrid rollout in 2024.

Based on the Daihatsu Rocky Hybrid, the Ativa version uses a “series hybrid” system whereby the electric motor sets the vehicles’ wheels in motion while the engine serves as a generator to charge the electric motor. The electric motor churns out 105hp and 170Nm of torque, while the 1.2-litre engine (WA-VEX) makes 81hp and 105Nm.

While it would be timely for the Ativa Hybrid to "go official" next year, some reports say a Bezza hybrid could be launched instead. Perodua relies on Daihatsu as its technological partner. With the recent Daihatsu debacle in Japan, the situation is fluid as product plans and launches may be subject to sudden changes. Nevertheless, one can hope for an electrified budget car from Perodua in the coming year - whether it be the Ativa Hybrid or some other model. We await with bated breath.

Neta U

The Neta U is a mid-range electric SUV scheduled to head into local showrooms by the second quarters of 2024.

It will be the second Neta model to launch in Malaysia after the Neta V, noted for being the cheapest EV at RM100,000. Local assembly of the V and future Neta models are planned at a plant to be built in Negri Sembilan by 2028.

The Neta U is offered with a choice of two ternary lithium batteries namely 54.32kWh and 81.57 kWh with range of up to 400km (WLTP). It comes with Level 2+ semi-autonomous driving; its intelligence was bumped up to Level 2.5+ when the Neta U was upgraded to become the Neta U-II in 2022.

Volvo EX30

The all-electric EX30 is the fourth EV from Volvo and its lightest, smallest SUV to date. It is Volvo's fastest-accelerating car ever (0-100kph in 3.6s).

Three versions with two types of batteries are available with range of up to 480km. Positioned below the XC40 and C40, the EX30 will be offered with either single electric motor or two. Volvo Car Malaysia had confirmed in mid-2023 that the EX30 is slated for a 2024 arrival though variant specs have yet to be determined.

Thailand is already selling the fully imported EX30 in three variants priced from 1.59 million baht (RM213,000). It's likely Volvo Car Malaysia would assemble the EX30 either at launch or soon after launch to push the price even lower.

2023 Peugeot 408
Peugeot 408

The new Peugeot 408 will arrive in Malaysia as a locally assembled model. It is now transformed into a jacked-up coupe SUV rather than a sedan. It stands out for its dynamic fastback silhouette and offers the latest-generation i-Cockpit, with its compact steering wheel dedicated to driving pleasure and controlled agility.

It has a spacious second row, with 188mm of legroom. The boot is also generously sized, with a volume of 536 litres, which can be increased to 1,611 litres (rear seats folded down).

At its European launch in mid-2022, the range of engines powering the 408 includes two rechargeable hybrid versions with 180 and 225bhp, and a 130bhp petrol version. All three are paired with an 8-speed EAT8 automatic gearbox. A pure electric 408 would follow. Which version (s) would go on sale in Malaysia remains to be seen.

2024 Chery Omoda E5 (15)
Chery Omoda E5

The all-electric Chery Omoda E5 two-wheel drive SUV offers a range of up to 430km (based on WLTP), and its single motor is powered by a 61kWh blade lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery.

The dashboard has a clean, minimalist look, and is dominated by a 24.6-inch 3D true curved interface screen, with the infotainment system powered by a Qualcomm 8155 chip.

Features on the fully imported Omoda E5 include 18-inch alloy wheels, automatic power-on upon entry, automatic shutdown upon exit, and one-pedal driving technology.

JAECOO_01 (4) new00 (Custom)
Jaecoo J7 AWD

The Jaecoo J7 premium SUV, billed as a durable and versatile off-road vehicle, features an All Road Drive Intelligent System for performance across various terrains. Jaecoo is a sub-brand under China's Chery automaker.

It stands out with a 14.8-inch touchscreen interface, full LCD screen for driving data, and innovative W-HUD head-up display, ensuring a user-centric, fluid interaction.

The J7 is said to embody the Chinese automaker's brand philosophy of "From Classic, Beyond Classic," blending traditional automotive excellence with contemporary innovation.

Propulsion to all four wheels is provided by a 1.6 litre turbocharged petrol engine making 197hp/290Nm. Power is relayed by a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

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MG4 Electric

In late 2022, the MG4 Electric entered the C-segment in Europe with three versions, offering 125 kW or 150 kW power output and WLTP ranges of up to 350km or 450km respectively.

With its rear motor and rear-wheel drive, accompanied by balanced 50:50 weight distribution, the compact, all-electric five-door hatchback is said to deliver outstanding handling and driving pleasure.

All three versions boast maximum torque of 250Nm. In addition to Front Collision Warning (FCW) and Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB), all versions also offer Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Traffic Jam Assistance (TJA), Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and Lane Keeping Assistance (LKA) as standard.

GAC GS3 Emzoon 2023 new00
GAC GS3 Emzoom

GAC Motor's GS3 Emzoom crossover SUV was launched in the Philippines in mid-2023 as a premium-yet-affordable vehicle, aimed at young, style-conscious buyers.

Under the hood, the GAC GS3 Emzoom boasts a third-generation 1.5 turbocharged petrol direct injection (GDI) engine paired with a seven-speed wet dual clutch transmission, with 174hp and 270Nm of torque.

The dashboard and cabin has a spacious and clutter-free design, with a large touchscreen interface and premium faux-leather finishes, as well as wireless phone charging, and a premium DTS sound system.
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