Lamborghini hailed best employer for seventh consecutive year

By CARSIFU | 31 January 2020

ROME: For the seventh consecutive year, Automobili Lamborghini has received the prestigious “Top Employer Italia 2020” certification.

This award was given by the Top Employers Institute, a global certification body for companies that achieve the highest quality standards in their human resource management policies.

The certification recognizes Lamborghini’s strategic approach to human resource management, based on the enhancement of individual skills on one hand, and the promotion of social values and ethical corporate responsibility on the other.

Lamborghini - 02

The innovative projects that led to Lamborghini’s certification, placing the company in the ranks of the most attractive employers, supported the phase of major expansion and change brought about by the introduction of the Urus Super SUV.

The company doubled in volumes, turnover, and space occupied, along with a substantial increase in employee numbers, reaching over 1,800 by the end of 2019: up 62% over the last five years.

The 100-plus new hires last year were well balanced between administrative staff and production line employees, and further lowered the average employee age, currently under 39 years old.

“The company represents new levels of social innovation and services provided to the community and country, guaranteeing its people opportunities for personal and professional growth as well as the redistribution of resources towards welfare and family support services.

Automobili Lamborghini chief human capital officer Umberto Tossini

"This is carried out within a framework in which the individual search for meaning merges with the collective sense of organizational belonging,” said Automobili Lamborghini chief human capital officer Umberto Tossini.

New processes and levels of activity were accompanied by the development of innovative projects in diversity and inclusion.

In the area of diversity governance, a pilot reverse mentoring project was launched recently, aimed at reducing the generation gap in the company, where 60% of the employees are from 21 to 39 years of age.

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This stimulates the transfer of knowledge across the junior employees and senior professionals, with a view to continuously improve skills and the inclusion of newcomers.

In terms of gender diversity, Lamborghini applies a policy of equal pay for female and male employees with equal qualifications and duties.

With the renewal of the supplementary contract, numerous initiatives have been introduced in favor of equal parenting, which also financially rewards new mothers with an increase in the supplementary allowance during the optional maternity leave period.

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The company’s corporate social responsibility program promotes volunteer initiatives involving employees who want to support the projects managed by the humanitarian NGO EMERGENCY as part of its “Italy Program”.

In creating a link between the world of business and the social world, these initiatives aim to stimulate the spread of participatory and responsible culture among employees.

Along the same lines is a particularly innovative professional development program, the only one of its kind in Italy, introduced by the company’s supplementary contract, which provides for a number of training sessions on the Italian Constitution, with the aim of further disseminating its principles and guiding vision with respect to economic and social contexts.

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Added to this are campaigns aimed at promoting greater awareness and culture in relation to sustainability.

These diverse initiatives range from the company restaurant that is now plastic-free to meetings with leading figures in the world of sustainability in collaboration with the Climate Reality Project, a non-profit organization involved in education and advocacy related to climate change.

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