Ora 07 and Tank 300 land in Malaysia

ORA 07 (2)

PETALING JAYA: GWM Malaysia says that the Ora 07 and Tank 300 have arrived in Malaysia.

But hold your horses. They are not for sale yet.

The Ora 07 is an electric coupe that's slated for launch in Q1 2024.


The Tank 300, to be launched also at an unspecified date in 2024, marks the introduction of China's leading hardcore off-road SUV.

On a side note, GWM Malaysia said more units of the Pistachio Green colour introduced last year is now available for the Ora Good Cat, which comprises the 500 Ultra and the base 400 Pro. The colour is still reserved for the 500 Ultra.

All models stated above are fully imported from China.

ORA GOODCAT Pistachio Green
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