Order a car wash via Volvo's mobile app

By CARSIFU | 2 January 2020

LONDON: Volvo Car UK offers its customers the convenience of having a cleaner car via its new app-based mobile valeting service - Volvo Car Mobile Wash.

Depending on the model, prices start from £22 (RM120) for a simple wash that's handled by mobile car wash company GoWashMyCar.

The new Volvo Car Mobile Wash app-based service works in conjunction with the Volvo On Call digital services platform that allows its customers the convenience of choosing the desired date, time and location of said "wash" to ensue.

Also, with the use of Volvo On Call's remote car unlocking and locking facility, customers need not be physically present.

Volvo V60

For options, customers are able to choose the level of valet they want and can opt for a body wax or an eco-friendly water-minimising clean among others.

Exclusive to the users of the app, a free car health check is also included in the service which covers tyre pressures and tread-depth, screenwash top-up, coolant level check and visual report of the bodywork.

The service was initially available to Volvo owners with access to Volvo On Call located within the M25 that's also known as the London Orbital Motorway - a major road that encircles almost all of Greater London, England.

Currently, plans may be afoot to extend the app's reach to other parts of the UK at a later date.

“Working with the expert team at GoWashMyCar, we have designed this new service to be hassle-free for our customers and to provide them with the kind of premium-quality valeting their car deserves. It is another example of how we can use the technology and peace-of-mind security of Volvo On Call to make life easier,” said Volvo Car UK marketing strategy director Mike Johnstone.