The fiery threat of cheap EV-charging

PETALING JAYA: Charging electrical vehicles (EV) is like charging mobile phones – generic or faulty parts can lead to a fire or explosion, says an expert.

But unlike mobile phones, EVs transfer and store a lot more energy, said Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research chairman Wong Shaw Voon.

“We know of cases where phones exploded and people got killed,” he said, adding that the same could happen with EVs.

“It is because of this that EV owners and operators of charging stations must ensure such facilities use genuine and quality parts.

“The use and sale of generic but cheaper parts for charging stations and ports may mushroom as more people use EVs,” he warned.

“The risk is relatively low but when EVs become more common and more people are using them, the risk will increase, especially when we replace the parts and charging ports at home or in parking bays,” he said while declining to comment on any specific incident.

Recently, it was reported that an electric car caught fire while charging at a car showroom in Johor Baru. The cause is still under investigation.

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