Volkswagen Arteon and facelifted Passat set to arrive in 2019

By JAY WONG | 16 May 2019

KUALA LUMPUR: The Volkswagen Arteon and facelifted Passat are due to arrive in Malaysia this year, according to Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia's (VPCM) top brass.

"Based on the feedback that we have gathered previously, we believe we have found the ideal specifications for Malaysia and are finalising it," Volkswagen Malaysia managing director Eric Winter said at a round table discussion with the media on Wednesday.

Details of the company's activities and 2018 sales performance were also announced at the round table.

VW Round Table discussion (2019) - 01 VPCM managing director Florian Steiner (left) with Volkswagen Malaysia managing director Eric Winter and aftersales director Deenan Nadar
From left - Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia managing director Florian Steiner (left) with Volkswagen Malaysia managing director Eric Winter and aftersales director Deenan Nadar

The 4,864mm-long Arteon could arrive with the current Golf R's (Mk7.5) powertrain credentials that include a 280PS 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine and all-wheel-drive capability. The facelifted Passat was showcased at this year's Geneva International Motor Show in March.

"There aren't many details that we can reveal right now, but rest assured it will be very close to the European specifications just as the existing Passat is," said Winter.

Currently, the company is offering a special 1.88% interest rate for the Passat in Comfortline and Highline trims, booked from now until June 30.

The company is also looking to further bolster the local second-hand market by launching Das WeltAuto, which will take place this year at a limited number of dealerships.

"We are close to the official launch of Das WeltAuto, which will be a 'certified used car' label for Volkswagen cars and will come with warranty and certification, and if applicable a one-year extended warranty as well," he said.

Das WeltAuto

He added that the accident-free cars will all come with a 133-point checkup performed by a trained master-technician and if it passes only then will it be approved for sale.

With the Beetle ending its global production, the company will be preparing a party that will most likely take place in July.

Also, a "Sound & Style" accessory package is now available for audiophiles, worth up to RM16,000 but is restricted to the Golf R-Line, Passat Comfortline, Passat Highline and Tiguan Highline.

In 2018, the company delivered 7,001 vehicles to mark a 15.8% increase from 6,536 vehicles in 2017, allowing it to increase its market share to 1.3% from 1.18% in 2017.

The company has sold more than 1,800 vehicles in the first quarter this year.

The company has nine 4S (Sales, Service, Spare parts and Spray paint) dealerships as well as 15 3S (Sales, Service and Spare parts) dealerships to cover both East and West Malaysia.