VW's new exit warning system reduces dangers when opening the doors

WOLFSBURG: The latest generation of the Volkswagen assist system now comes as standard in the electric ID.7 as well as in the new Passat and new Tiguan.

Exit warning system calls attention to road users approaching from behind when the vehicle is stationary

In dense city traffic, cyclists in particular are at risk from opening vehicle doors or what is known as dooring mishaps.

The latest generation of the Volkswagen exit warning system helps to avoid dangerous situations when exiting the vehicle in inner-city traffic.

The assist system can warn the driver and passengers about road users approaching the parked Volkswagen from behind.

For example, within system limits, the system can detect cyclists, who are often among the most vulnerable road users. In addition to the driver and front passenger doors, the exit warning system also provides protection for the rear doors.

The all-new Volkswagen Tiguan

The new ID.7, new Passat and new Tiguan are equipped with this assist system as standard. In the Golf, ID.4 and ID.5, the technology is optionally available in a technically specific form.

In the ID.7, the exit warning system scans the area behind the Volkswagen via two rear radar sensors (on the left and right in the bumper) and informs the passengers of a danger before a door handle is even operated: if a road user is approaching, an LED light in the exterior mirror automatically lights up as the first warning level.

If one of the door openers is nevertheless pressed, the door is also prevented from opening for a short period of time. If the door is opened, a warning signal sounds.

Furthermore, the assist system remains active for three minutes after the Volkswagen has been parked and switched off in order to cover all passengers who exit the vehicle.

The exit warning system in the new Passat and new Tiguan functions in a very similar way to the ID.7.

However, both models are equipped with mechanical door locks, so the additional door opening delay feature from the ID.7 is not available.

Volkswagen ID.4

In the ID.4 and ID.5, the optionally available system operates in almost the same way as in the ID.7. The only exception: in this case, the LED light in the exterior mirror is only activated in case of danger when the passengers operate one of the door handles. The other warning levels – the acoustic signal in the respective door and the electronic opening delay – are identical to those in the ID.7.

The first Volkswagen with an exit warning system was the current Golf. Here, the system works in a similar way to the ID.4 and ID.5. As with the Passat and Tiguan MQB models, the Golf is equipped with mechanical door locks, which means that the additional door opening delay feature is not available.

For the majority of cars that don't have the anti-dooring tech, the best way to avoid causing such accidents is to practise the "Dutch Reach".
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