What is the new electric Porsche Macan going up against?

LONDON: The new electric Porsche Macan is here, bringing a range of technological advancements alongside a headline range of up to 613km.

It’s Porsche’s second electric vehicle following the Taycan, but it’s expected that this Macan will have even more of an impact on the EV segment. The electric SUV made its world premiere in Singapore last Thursday.

But what will the Macan be going up against when it arrives on the roads later this year? Let’s take a look at some of this new Porsche’s key rivals.

Purely electric drives
Audi Q6 e-tron

Audi hasn’t officially unveiled the Q6 e-tron, but this sharp new EV is likely to go head-to-head with the electric Macan when it arrives. It’s expected to deliver a range of around 650km - so very close to the Macan’s – while incorporating some of Audi’s new infotainment systems inside.

In fact, the Q6 e-tron will follow quite closely to the Macan as the pair are predicted to share battery components and other features. It’ll be interesting to see how Audi pivots to make the Q6 e-tron stand out despite these similarities.


BMW has been ramping up its electric vehicle line-up over recent years but it’s iX3 – despite having been on sale for a little while now – remains one of its core models. It has a range of up to 458km, so not as much as the Macan, but has a very "normal" character which alludes it to those drivers who don’t want an overly quirky EV.

It’s also spacious inside and has plenty of equipment as standard. The iX3 is very close to the Macan’s €84,000 (RM432,000) price tag too.

Mercedes EQC

Price-wise, the Mercedes EQC lies slap-bang in the Macan’s path. While this electric vehicle has been on sale for some time, it remains a very popular option owing to its smartly appointed cabin and futuristic styling.

While its 410km range is blown away by the Macan’s, the EQC’s popularity means that it’s at the forefront of many people’s minds when it comes to electric SUVs, so the Porsche will have to shift common opinion in order to beat this Mercedes.

2024-01-28 23_22_27-Genesis GV60 _ Genesis - Brave
Genesis GV60 Sport+

Genesis hasn’t been on the UK scene for that long, having been largely focused on overseas markets previously. However, it has seriously ramped up its presence here in recent years and core to that move is its electric vehicles. This car – the GV60 – is central to its electric vehicle line-up and a somewhat surprising contender with the Macan.

It’s a similar price but, in Sport+ trim, manages to nearly match the Macan Turbo’s acceleration time of 3.1 seconds with its 4.0-second sprint. Plus, the GV60 can also charge at super-rapid speeds thanks to its clever electric architecture.

Tesla Model Y Performance

It’s hard to talk about electric vehicles without mentioning Tesla and, in the case of the Macan, it’s the Model Y which will prove to be the one to beat. In Performance trim it has more than enough, well, performance to keep the Macan honest yet also has all of the excellent technology that Tesla has become renowned for.

Plus, the Model Y brings access to Tesla’s excellent and wide-spanning Supercharger network which provides thousands of reliable points to top up across the country.

Ford Mustang Mach-e

Ford’s current electric line-up resides around the lonely Mustang Mach-e, until the new Explorer arrives that is. However, when it comes to Macan rivals it’s the Mach-e which will need to rise to the challenge as it’s a direct competitor in terms of price and performance.

In GT Performance Edition specification, the Mach-e is only 0.5 seconds away from the Macan’s 0-100kph time while its interior has more than enough features to keep most drivers happy.

Smart #1 Brabus

It might be a slightly off-the-wall choice, but the Smart #1 – in Brabus-tuned setup – has a whole of performance to bring to the table. In fact, it’ll do 0-100kph in about 4 seconds, so it’s very close to the Macan when it comes to getting away from the line.

While the Smart’s 440-km range might not trouble the Porsche too much, this is one pint-sized contender worth remembering. — PA Media
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