Chery sees new global exports record and growing sales in Latin America

By CARSIFU | 23 December 2021

Despite a global chip shortage restricting production capacity, Chinese automaker Chery Group saw its exports hitting a new record of 237,901 units in the first 11 months of 2021 (a 137.6% jump versus the same period last year).

In a statement, the automaker headquartered in Wuhu, Anhui province said this year, its exports are expected to exceed 250,000 units.

In November, Chery exported 24,942 units (up 85.5% from the same period last year), and it was the seventh time this year that the group exceeded monthly exports of 20,000 vehicles.

In the first 11 months of 2021, the group sold 849,912 cars (up 38.3% from the same period last year).

The group attributed its fast growing sales to its continuous efforts to improve product technology and quality, as well as increasing global brand recognition.


Chery is also rapidly making inroads into Latin America, and in Brazil, according to data from Fenabrave (National Motor Vehicle Distribution Federation), Chery ranked among the top 10 in automobile sales for seven consecutive months with sales of 3,683 units in November.

In Brazil, from January to November 2021, Chery sold 36,048 units, with a market share of 2.03% spearheaded by strong sales for its Tiggo 5X (Tiggo 4 Pro), Tiggo 3X (Tiggo 2 Pro) and Tiggo 8 in the sport utility vehicle (SUV) segment.

Also, since its launch in Brazil in October this year, the Chery Arizzo 6 Pro mid-sized sedan has won two industry authoritative awards in Brazil.

In November, the Chery Arrizo 6 Pro was awarded the "Best Medium Passenger Car" in the 7th Carsughi L'Auto Preferita competition in Brazil.

In December, the Arrizo 6 Pro won the "1.2-1.6L Best Car" award in the 23rd ABIAUTO (Brazilian Association of Automobile Publishers) competition.


Meanwhile, in Chile, according to data from ANAC (Asociació n Nacional Autoriz de Chile AG), Chery’s sales increased by 216% year-on-year in
November, surpassing Toyota, Hyundai and Volkswagen, and its market share reached 7%, ranking third among all automobile brands.

In Chile, Chery's cumulative sales from January to November increased by 305% year-on-year spearheaded by the popularity of its Tiggo 2 series, which continues to be the sales leader in the SUV segment.

In Ecuador, according to data from AEADE (Asociación de Empresas Automotrices del Ecuador), Chery's cumulative sales from January to November ranked first among Chinese automobile brands, with a year-on-year increase of 147%, surpassing Renault and Nissan.

At end-November 2021, Chery held an offline conference in Ecuador, at which models such as Tiggo 7 Pro Deluxe Edition and Tiggo 2 Pro were launched.