'Uncle Tom' hits the road with Perodua Bezza - VIDEO

By CARSIFU | 11 August 2016

PETALING JAYA: CarSifu's 'Uncle Tom' is back again.

He's our go-to guy on all things Bezza. He has been there from the start covering the preview drive of Perodua's hottest product, its launch and also its first-day showroom debut where he outlined in a short video clip what the prospective buyer can expect from the Bezza.

Competition is good and we have always believe in that. As Proton gets set to issue its retort with a flurry of launches starting this month, CarSifu thought it fitting and a hoot to wrap up our extensive coverage of the Bezza with this latest video clip that shows the driving impressions of the Perodua sedan on public roads. By none other than Uncle Tom, of course. But he will be happy all the same if you just call him Thomas.

In the latest video, our man gives further insights on the car that has earned praise from the public — and brickbats. Well, that's the market reality every time anyone tries to sell a product to everyone.

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